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What fuels your passion for fitness?
My mentor in life, Daisaku Ikeda once said, “So, what is true health? We could say that it’s living with a sense of gratitude while maintaining the spirit to work for the happiness of others. It’s living a life of joy and never giving up on the goal to establish an unbeatable self.” After feeling trapped in Complex PTSD-induced chronic back-pain & malnutrition, I rebuilt my mental & physical health through fitness and now I enjoy a freeing state of happiness that I hope others will enjoy too.
What would you do with $20,000?
In partnership with the non-profit, The Teen Suicide Prevention Society, a portion of the $20,000 will go to funding mental health training programs for teenagers & veterans across the United States. Remaining allocation of funds will go to my primary investor, SGI-USA, and re-investment to my brand.